Bethlehem Township Park

June 24-28 and July 8-12

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Do you have a team that would like to gain an edge for fall soccer? Do you want your team to be prepared for the season ahead?  We can cater a specific training program for your squad in preparation for the season, or we can work with you to decide what you'd like us to work on. Do you want help working on a certain formation to bring the best out of your squad? Would you like our coaches to cover topics such as zonal defending or man for man, possession or direct, 2 forwards or 3? Are your midfielders linking up with the forwards effectively? Our professional qualified coaches will deliver a full weeks training program working on technical and tactical sessions, speed strength and agility sessions. Upon completion of camp our coaches will give you a detailed description of what their thoughts are and how to be best prepared for your season.


International Soccer School Team Training